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Sunday, May 27, 2012

IVBI - Victory Bible Institute - a resource


International Victory Bible Institutes
A ministry of Victory Christian Center – Tulsa, Oklahoma U.S.A

Established in 1979, Victory Christian Center has grown to over 15,000 members.  We are continuing Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty’s vision to help establish International Victory Bible Institutes in every nation of the world. We desire for believers to be equipped with the full understanding of the Word of God and of their relationship with Christ.  Over the past number of years we have helped others like you to establish or strengthen over 1,000 Bible Schools in over 100 countries.
Providing a foundation in the Word of God and preparing students for ministry so they find the life they were born to live. “Commit thou to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.” (2 Timothy 2:2)
1)       Comprehensive Bible Training under proficient and anointed teachers
2)      Practical application, both personally and with ministry to others
3)      Development of sound discipline and integrity in the student’s personal life.

1)       A manual How to Start a Bible School
2)      A CD-Rom with more than 700 hours of teaching in the form of curriculum outlines for both teacher and student.
3)      30 DVD  video courses (over 400 hours)
4)      Dr. John Maxwell Equip Leadership Curriculum (36 hours)
5)      Our continued support and guidance to answer your questions and to assist you in any way we can.
6)      Short-term missionary teacher assistance

The director of Grace & Faith Family Ministries Bible Training Institute, an IVBI in East Africa, shares the following testimony from a student who is a young pastor, “I have been equipped, edified, and have been comforted from the Word of God through His chosen vessels…the materials that they have been using have been also simplified in a way that everybody can understand it…For about the three weeks that I have been in the class, it has actually created more impact in my life…up to now I have been empowered to act seriously as God’s servant to bring true knowledge about God’s Word…”
Our ministry has grown out of a work we did in Russia and Romania until 1996 when we moved back to the US to offer what we did there to missionaries and national pastors all over the world.  We have developed a curriculum of basic discipleship through church leadership training that now is used in over 100 countries in almost 1, 200 Bible schools and other higher education institutions.  The curriculum provided through our sponsors contains over 700 hours of practical, Word based training in the form of written outlines for the instructor and the student.  We also have 400 hours of video instruction available at no cost, as well as materials (practical manual, forms, and other resources) to help start schools and existing schools.  Consultation through our Regional and National Coordinators is also available.  We also have approximately 250 qualified short term missionary teachers who travel to these schools to assist in the teaching at their own expense.  More detailed information is found on our web site and the link is provided below.
 If this is something that could be of help to you, I would ask that you contact me or complete the Survey/Application form found on our web site.  Be assured that we highly respect all those we work with and have no agenda to do anything but add our support and assistance to what God has already assigned you to do.  We would be happy to provide you with references from national pastors as well as missionaries that we work with around the globe. 

Ron Stafford, Director
International Victory Bible Institutes
7700 S. Lewis
Tulsa, OK  74136  U.S.A.

Office: 918.491.7630
Skype:  RonStafford929

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