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Monday, January 18, 2016


We started making MidWife kits in 2007. We counseled with a mid-wife to ensure we had all the right medical supplies and with the hospital to receive the donations. They were a hit and in the 1st year, with only 2 of us, we shipped out over 300.

Now we ship upward to 650 a year and have enhanced the packs greatly. Thanks to a missionary who began putting our midwife kits and women’s totes bags together for their pregnant mama’s, our ESM team pursued the idea with hearts full of love & a huge desire to bless. Now we now add baby clothes, blanket, booties, hats and a Mama’s bag.

What is a Mama’s Bag?
In our hand-sewn, vibrant-colored tote bags we add a bible, shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush and paste, bar soap, lipstick, nail polish, sewing & manicure kits and any other wonderfully girly item that’s donated. Sometimes perfume, lotion, journals & pens and often a devotional book.

If you have those travel size items you pick up at the hotels filling your drawers with nowhere to go, we will gladly take them off your hands. If you sell Avon or Mary Kay or another makeup/skincare line and have samples left over, please consider donating them to our Mama Bags. Unused journals or those small devotionals you get in the mail cluttering your book shelf? We can use them! You get the idea! Email us at or respond to this facebook if you have pieces to donate!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

THIS IS OUR WHY - Show Mercy International

Years ago Roy & I felt we heard from God what He wanted to do with Eden’s Song so I set out to find some missionaries that we could bless with ‘stuff’. I think we had some medical supplies, a very basic midwife kit and maybe a backpack. Roy had IPods. I googled ‘missionaries’ and Show Mercy was in among the first batch that came up. God said ‘write to them’. So I nervously sent an email sharing who we were and what we hoped to accomplish. Would they like anything? I received a response from Lori shortly explaining the Mike was out of town but they would write soon. And they did. And later we met. And then became partners in ministry and close friends in life. God knew what he was doing.

Show Mercy is an amazing ministry to orphans, widows & seniors in Uganda. They are compassionate, evangelical, apostolic and fun to work with. When we first met them they worked with an orphanage and school. Soon after they began the development of 25 acres of land they the Field of Dreams and for good reason.  Field of Dreams is the central base of operations for all of Show Mercy's outreaches in Uganda. There is accommodations for visiting teams and interns, a large multi-purpose facility called the Arc used for dining, gatherings and fellowship as well as housing for the directors of Show Mercy International Uganda. It also includes a fully functioning Medical Clinic as well as a fresh water well to both the compound and the people of the village of Nawanswa/Kaliti. Not to mention a farm and farm animals. this is more than just a project. This is a strategy; a perfect time to make a mark in history.

As their mission is to mobilize, inspire and empower others to live on purpose, their next project is a primary school and leadership academy. The 14 acres of land that was needed for this project is purchased and blueprints are in place.  Many children in Uganda do not have access to education because of poverty, lack of infrastructure and child labor. The SMI school will be a place where children are valued and shown constantly that they are loved and have a tremendous God-Given purpose in life. Top quality teachers will encourage them regularly to know with God all things truly are possible even for the orphaned or abandoned. 

You can visit their website at to find out more about them and join one of their mission teams.

Roy & I are blessed they are a part of our purpose.


Flip Flops

Why do we put flip flops in every backpack we make no matter the age? ESM had just begun making backpacks to send the kids heading off to school. We added a backpack, school supplies, grooming kits, coloring books and crayons and a bible. 
 Our 1st team with a set of backpacks.

Roy & I headed off on our annual Kenya trip and made our way home to Bungoma. We were excited to take backpacks to the kids! They loved them and were thrilled to have so much to start school with. As we were playing with them I noticed that almost all their little sandals had holes or pieces literally missing. It didn’t take away from their smiles, but it sure made us unhappy.  We went home determined that every backpack would hold a pair of flip flops!

Now, 7 years later, our backpacks are age group sensitive. The 3-6 year old receive cute, smaller backpacks, little pre-school supplies with a small grooming kit, a doll for girls and a toy for the boys, coloring book & crayons, a children’s book about Jesus & flip flops; 7-11 year old receive their backpack & school needs, grooming kit, finger flashlights,  a puzzle or game, activity book, (every girls get a doll, no matter what age – we call them little scraps of love), Book of John & flip flops. The older kids usually go to boarding school so they get their backpack, school supplies along with a dictionary, a grooming kit including shaving items & deodorant,  Book of Hope or New Testament, flashlights or booklights, & yes, their flip flops. All backpacks include a note of encouragement as well.

We also add a flashlight/reading light or finger flashlight in each backpack as most families do not have electricity or solar lighting. The flashlights help the kids do their studying at night.

We provide almost 900 of these every year and are setting a goal for 1000 this year. That is 1000 of each article we provide including Flip Flops. If you would like to invest in the orphans around the world, please consider helping us collect the items needed. Our Joy in a Bag list will help you as well as the Amazon Wish List link on the front page of our website! If you’d rather invest monetarily each kit costs us $25 to make.