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Saturday, June 4, 2011


This is a project uniquely provided by Roy to empower missionaries, especially in isolated regions, with the means to receive and rejoice in the worship of God's Word.  Roy downloads hand-picked worship music, teachings and podcasts that we believe will bless those serving others in remote areas of the world.  Eden’s Song also provides portable speakers with rechargeable batteries, earbuds and all the necessary cords, plugs and connectors. 

All you have to do is Ask!  If you would like an ipod for yourself or a missionary your team is going to visit, please email us at  We ship anywhere within the U.S. 

Here are some of the testimonies we've received:

“you guys rock! May the blessing of God be all around you. I have been blessed by the IPOD you gave to me like two years back and it is a gift that literally keeps giving and giving thru the messages and the bible message. Thank you. Martin”

"You have been a blessing to me, my staff and the ministry!  I love my IPod and speakers and will listen and meditate and thank the Lord for your generous hearts.  You have chosen the way of giving to the Lords servants - refreshing us - blessing as and pouring into us in the spirit - naturally and in all manner of ways." Vickie ..Kenya

"I really enjoy my ipod and i play it every day so far!  God bless you and God bless you again! what a nice gift! Very thoughtful, pretty, lot of variety, songs, sermons...... I was able to go through the menu quickly. What a treasure! Thank you again and may the Lord bless you in return."  Dr. Caleb - Burkina Faso

"This was such an unexpected blessing!  Thank you so much. You’ve sent me a great library. Wow, thanks so much!  It’s interesting watching how technology is advancing. Some are afraid of it, but I like to look at how it can bring God’s word to us.  The IPod works great. I set it on shuffle and enjoy the messages and music. David - Philippines

“Dear Roy + Deb,
Thank you SO much for the iPod and speakers and with batteries and chargers and the extra battery life unit.  May God bless you so much.  I am thoroughly enjoying it here in Mozambique. I am going through albums but sometimes I just hit shuffle.  I very much appreciate your ministry.”
Don – Mozambique, DR Congo

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  1. Edensong is a wonderful ministry that serves missions. I invite you to contact them and begin getting their news. The synergy of cyber friends in our work is huge. See how friendship with Roy and Deb can bless the planet and enrich your lives and theirs. (:-)
    Much love,

    (Sent from my phone, which explains a lot (:-).)