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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Just a few thoughts....

Dancing with my precious King
I was dancing with the Lord this morning.  An easy, slow rhythm.  He looked at me, smiled and twirled me with a little extra step.

 “Let Me lead” he whispered in my ear.  I glanced at him quizzically.  “of course” I said.  I mean, men always lead when dancing and surely I trust the Lord to lead me in life. 

We danced a few more steps and stopped.  “Let Me lead”.  Oh dear, I thought, I’m not doing well here. 

We danced on. … and stopped.  “I will lead”.  “I’m so sorry.  I will not move my feet until you move Yours.” 

The dance that erupted was more like a ‘swing’ than a ‘waltz’ and much more fun.  I was laughing when I heard Him say, “That’s what life is like when I lead”. 

The Heartbeat
When John lay against your breast at the supper table, I imagine all he could hear was your heart beat.  That sure and steady sound enveloping him, keeping him standing beside you through the trial, up the hill and next to your mother at the foot of the cross while others scattered and hid. 
Your voice, your heartbeat over mans is what I desire most intently.
 “Press in, press in, press in.  Lean into my breast as John did and listen to the heartbeat of One that loves you beyond all measure; beyond all words.  For you who come void of need, void of questions, just to be closer;  still you, my beloveds of all, receive as you seek…the pureness of the river of life descending from the throne, clear as crystal offering its healing.  And in this time of darkness and terror you will find peace in the arms of One who sees beyond and keeps you untouched in His arms.”

Endless Love
Swim in the depths
flowing through the eyes
of He who created you.
Endless love
Endless peace
Endless Grace

Run to the throne
where wholeness is found
reaching up to embrace
all power and authority
freely given
as you speak
 the Name Above all Names

Climb under the wings
of refuge and rest
calling on the Name
you’ve trusted
to answer
to protect
to cling to.

Lay your head
on His breast
hearing the heartbeat of life.
It will guide you into perfect will
& lead you
down the path
of righteousness.

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