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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Missionary Care Resources

Hi everyone!  There is a very cool website, which some of you may know about, that has many resources available on missionary care and mental health including several resources that are free and may be freely shared.

Dr. Ron Koteskey is a Member Care Consultant for GO InterNational. Through GO, Ron and his wife, Bonnie, offer on-field help to independent missionaries, to missionaries whose agencies have no one designated for missionary care, and to missionaries who would prefer talking with someone outside their agencies.

As part of this ministry they have developed a series of  brochures, a resource data base and fourteen e-books: four on re-entry, one titled What Missionaries Ought to Know (freshly revised and combining the series of brochures of the same name), several on TCKs, one on adolescence, one on marriage issues, one on singles issues, two on bribery, and another on Psychology for Missionaries.

You can visit their site at

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