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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Time off for Good Behavior

Frequently on Roy’s day off, he will offer to wake Sylvester (our yellow nape Amazon parrot), play with him, feed him and put him up in his room for the day.  At first I balked at it.  Roy didn’t do it the way I did and after 25 years Sylvester likes his little routine.  But, once I gave in a couple of times and let Roy do it his way (which Sylvester just LOVES)  I realized it gave me more time in the morning to do my own thing.  It was refreshing to spend just a little more time with God, get ready at my own pace, and add extra hairspray to my doo.  A little bit of freedom.  Now I look forward to my mommy mornings off.

Sometimes, I am the same way with God.  I hear His voice call me from the hustle and bustle of the day to spend special time with Him.  I find I unconsciously fight it.  It’s too comfortable when I’m safely ensconced in routine.  But what He has for us, the beauty of His touch, is more than I can turn from for any length of time.  I have learned to pry myself quickly away from the mundane and plant myself in the exhilaration of His presence.  I pray you are able to let go of the ordinary, every day duties when you hear His voice calling so you can experience the sweet spontaneity that His arms offer.

Leaves nip playfully
At each other,
As they scamper
across the yard
without a thought
dancing to the melody
of the wind’s gentle breeze.

I watch
wistfully wondering
When I last so unconsciously
Moved with the music
Of God’s calling.

I fall to my knees.

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