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Friday, May 27, 2011


Congolese girls and many women play a competitive game called
Zango, which involves singing, clapping and jumping.  Boys play
football (soccer) whenever they have time, a ball and a place to kick it. 
Soccer is not just a game; it has the force to unite people, communities
and nations.  To the African child, soccer is like second-nature.  The
first game kids learn is kicking the ball.  However, to many of them
kicking a ‘real soccer ball’ remains just a dream. But thanks to African
ingenuity, kids make their own ball by finding anything at their disposal- from plastic bags to rags and twine.   Ben & Michelle - Congo

1 comment:

  1. Hello Roy and Deb,
    I am perfectly familiar with playing these kind of soccer ball. It is wonderful and when you get a real one you feel promoted. I am greatful that God allowed even those in the deepest need to fell joyful and enjoy life.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Be blessed and happy memorial weekend!