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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Farm

Walking the farm today, rivulets of sun-drenched warmth rolled down our foreheads soaking the hair on our necks.  Children came from their huts following us, asking questions in an unknown language but kids are kids everywhere.  A hug, a warm smile and a hand to hold is all they need or want.  They tagged along part way down the road to the fish ponds & then ran off to finish their play.  We continued on with our dear friends, exclaiming over the beauty of the land, the growth of the crops and extent of the fish farms.  In our hearts we were astonished. 

Years ago, when we first began to visit the Ochuro’s of Bungoma, there were a small Bible College and the beginning of a Children’s Home housing a few street kids and fewer total orphans.  The desire was there but the funds were not.  Yet there was a dream in the heart of the man and woman God had put in this place.  A dream to build and become the hands and feet of Jesus.  They began with 1 greenhouse and from that developed 5; all of them providing enough tomatoes to feed the students and sell at market.  With that they began to purchase land, then a well, then a seed farm, then some vegetables as well as 22 fish ponds and now we are walking 7 acres of corn, rice, Maringa trees, soy, peanuts & sukamawiki.  7 acres that even the neighbors eat from.  7 acres that house and employ his family.  7 acres bringing enough finances to keep the children fed, clothed and in school as well as run the bible college & church on very few donations.  In Africa you don’t count on too many contributions as there is not a lot to give. 

There is more to do.  There are more children to save from life on the streets; more Pastors’s to graduate from school, more churches to start (over and above the 350 they have started in Kenya and the surrounding countries) and more lives to bring to Christ.  So as we walked the farm today, we reveled in the wonder of hearts turned completely away from self and focused on God’s desire.  

We learn something every day.  Today we learned God equips those He calls; one just has to keep their ear to His lips, be obedient to His whispers & not be afraid to act.

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