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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

REVIVAL in Durban, S. Africa

God has opened a window of Heaven and poured out Holy Fire upon the Great Awakening Healing Revival meetings in Durban South Africa. God is using this movement to "awaken" not only the people of South Africa but Rory and Wendy believe this could be a catalyst to world revival. People are being saved, healed and refreshed by His Spirit.

Rory & Wendy have specifically requested that GOD TV's intercessors around the world pray for the Great Awakening Healing Revival in Durban, South Africa.


We are so aware that part of the reason why the Lakeland Healing Outpouring was aborted was that there wasn't enough prayer cover. There wasn't enough of a prayer shield up around us. So, right now, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I call you, I call you in the Spirit, prophetic intercessors from all around the world. I call you in Africa, in London, in Europe, in America, and from all around the world.. Rise up, RISE UP in the Name of Jesus.

And, Father I thank you for the prophetic fire, for Your glory to fall upon these intercessors, to fall upon these ones right now, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We call you... awake watchmen... awake watchmen... AWAKE WATCHMEN... Stand up, rise up, get out on the walls... GET OUT ON THE WALLS!

"For I tell you something," says the Lord, "This is not the work of any man. No man has done this thing", says the Lord, "But, I have done this thing. And, no man can stop it! No demon can stop it. For I am the Sovereign Lord God. But, I am calling you now, I am calling you who I call to pray..." And the Lord says, "You know who you are! I will talk to you in the Secret Place, and I will talk to you in this moment..." in the Name of Jesus Christ, for His Glory, for the Glory of the Kingdom, in the Name of Jesus.

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