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Friday, February 15, 2013

Dr Michael Mills and Chef Denise-Uruguay

We love when we receive updates from our missionaries and the extraordinary stories of the ministries they run.  Michael and Denise have been in Uruguay for about a year now.  Here is what they are up to!



From Michael:

We have been caught up in an Uruguayan whirlwind these last 2 weeks, with one week in a tent and the Holy Spirit moving in a spectacular way.

Denise and I were missionaries to Ecuador for 17 years when the Holy Spirit asked us to ‘leave all’ there and come to Uruguay…a land known for the saying ‘a graveyard of missions’.  Our saying is, ‘Jesus does miracles in graveyards!’  We are seeing miracles!  These last 2 weeks we saw ALL the national Pastors come together to seek Him, we saw 1500 teens worship and seek Him for the past week.  Help us to pray for Uruguay.  The Holy Spirit is brooding over this nation, a nation that has atheism in its constitution. No wonder He called us here!  They have never had an outpouring of His Spirit.  It is time for Uruguay.

I will begin teaching 20 disciples for 1 year this Monday.  Pray, they have never had a discipleship program.  I will train them to train other disciples…almost sounds like the

From Denise:
Hi everyone.  Michael and I are more settled here in Salto, Uruguay.  We have started to travel further out to other cities, north of the Black River (see map).  Michael and I are responsible to reach all the area north of the Black river (Rio Negro).  Our area includes 1.5 million people and the majority of the churches in Uruguay.  As a missionary chef I have a goal as to what I would like to accomplish.  For starters, I would like to help the northern churches to develop an evangelism program through food.  To meet that challenge I am raising $1000 to buy equipment like a 3 burner, portable gas stove with propane tanks and accessories.  I will then be able to head to some of the smaller churches in the northern regions where I can do some teaching on evangelism (using food); a new way to effectively reach into their communities.  My ministry is definitely a new method for evangelizing the lost.

You can also come to help me reach the lost through cooking (or peeling  We need you, Uruguay needs you, the Lord needs you.  Hurry home to Uruguay!

Thank you in advance for your prayers
Your missionaries to Uruguay,
Dr. Michael Mills and Chef Denise
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