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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Little Foxes

When I read this, I thought of the times I am singing one moment and grumping the next.  Once I get over my little fit I would think, "that was such a silly thing to ruin my mood".  It reminded me that we battle, not with flesh and blood, but with principalities and that we don't have to run defense all the time.  We have a Father who provides us Words so we can battle from the offensive, declaring the victory that has already been won.  A friend of mine taught me that we fight 'from the victory' not 'to the victory'. 

I have often taught on the scripture found in Song of Solomon 2:15, the one that talks about the little foxes spoiling the vine. I have always found this to be so true in my own life
It always seems to me like it is the small things that will distress me. I seem to gain a strength somewhere from deep within when it comes to dealing with the big things, but the small things try to annoy me beyond belief.
You know what I am talking about, that car that pulls out in front of you and then goes 5 miles per hour. Or that long line at the grocery story, when you almost make it to the cashier, someone has to go and check a price. Or let's get even closer to home; when your husband or child leaves their clothes three inches from the hamper.
Why then is it that we can weather the large storms but the small ones seem to get us off balance? I feel I found some insight into this in the word of God. As I was thinking about this today, how the little foxes spoil the vine, I read the entire chapter of the Song of Solomon, chapter 2. It was very interesting.
It does indeed talk about the little foxes spoiling the vine but it also refers to the timing of when the foxes attempt to spoil the vine. They attempt to spoil the vine when it is in bloom.
In other words, those little foxes come when harvest time is upon us; when the vine is beginning to bloom or in full bloom. This was exciting to me. It tells me that it is a sign, when I see the little things attempting to irritate and annoy, I can now recognize that they are simply trying to take my focus off one thing, the blooming vine, the time of harvest. Isn't that exciting? I think so.
I have found for myself, if I recognize the enemy and if I recognize the season in which he works, I am much more equipped to handle him and overcome him. If I understand what he is doing and what he is attempting to get my attention off of, I am better armed to quickly defeat him.
The Bible tells us to rejoice when the enemy comes against us, why? Because he has seen us as a threat and his only hope is to stop us. If the enemy is not fighting you at all, that usually means you are no threat to him at all.
It's the same when the enemy tries to send little things to annoy and delay you. Those are 'little foxes' and they have one goal 'to spoil the vine.' Spoil means to bind, destroy and offend.
You see, when all those little things begin to come your way, they come with purpose, to spoil, to bind you up so that you feel as if you are unable to move, to destroy your harvest, and to offend you.
Remember, offense often comes just at time of breakthrough. If you are feeling in your heart that breakthrough is imminent, don't allow offense. Regardless of what happens or what little thing comes your way, don't get offended. It's a simple choice; you can choose to take offense or choose to walk away from it.
A friend of mine once taught me a lesson about offense. A situation had occurred where someone had not told me the truth; she picked up a ball and held it. She threw the ball at me and I, of course, caught it. She said 'offense is like this ball, it can be thrown at you but you don't have to catch it.'
Things get thrown at us every single day, every hour of the day, whether we choose to catch them or not is up to us. Don't catch and react to the little things that spoil, bind, destroy and offend you when your harvest is in full bloom. Instead refuse offense, choose peace and love and joy and walk on.
The enemy can only spoil our vine if we allow him to, we have all the power, he has none without our permission. Refuse to react to the little foxes, allow your vine to remain unspoiled as it was destined to be.

Kim Potter

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