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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I was in North Mozambique 7 years ago.  I loved Pemba in all its poverty, smelliness and government infractions.  There was once-a-week water, short daily hours of electricity & we lived, as the children did, on 2 bowls of rice daily as well as a salt biscuit for breakfast. But, there was love & that in abundance. 

Each morning my friends & I would awaken, before the fisherwomen hit the water, to bathe in the Indian Ocean.  Each morning the same 3 young boys would follow us trying to get us to buy things from them.  They shadowed us everywhere we went. We shared Jesus, prayed & fell in love with them. Our final day we honored them with flip flops & paid twice the asking price for their random items.  My little friend gave me a beaded cross necklace he made just for me.  I’ve worn that necklace almost every day for 7 years. 

 What I do creates in me a fullness of life.  I’m not saying everyone should pack up and head to the nearest 3rd world country.  We’re not all called overseas.   But there is a mission field for all of us.  Every day we have an option.  We can stay cocooned in our safe place or we can take a risk and do something to change someone else's world.  Life to the fullest is a choice.  It’s deciding to embrace it all.   I don’t always feel like being an extravagant giver or listener or encourager but often the times I feel the least compassionate is when my sacrifice seems the most rewarding. 

 A cross drawn on a small white shell and strung with beads reminds me to love at all costs & never stop.

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