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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Global Recording Networks

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What do you do?
We make recordings of basic Bible stories and Bible teaching in thousands of languages - and ultimately every language on the planet - for evangelistic and discipling purposes. We also produce simple audio-visual programmes (cassettes or CDs with picture books) designed to help people, especially non-literate people and those from "oral societies", understand the basic message and teaching of the Bible. In addition we manufacture special purpose playback machines such as hand wind cassette players and solid state player that are not dependent on a power supply. All these materials are supplied to missionaries and local evangelists, pastors and teachers, and also distributed by our own teams around the world.

Where do you work?
We have operational centers, bases and agencies in over 40 countries. Recordings have been made in and supplied to virtually every country in the world. Our centers and bases are usually operated by local personnel. As our priority is on the small, often neglected people groups, we aim to go to even the most remote people if necessary.

Why do you do what you do?

  • Hundreds of small people groups have little or no Bibles, New Testaments or portions available in their mother tongue.
  • Two thirds of the world's people do not read, or do not read well enough to make use of a Bible or Scripture portion, even if they exist in their language.
  • Many of these people are part of "oral societies" where, important information is communicated in a variety of oral and dramatic forms and where printed material is not highly valued.
  • The Scriptures promise that there will be some from every nation tribe and language around His throne at the end.
  • God, through his word the Bible, commands us to proclaim the Good News to all people and to make disciples in all nations.
Who uses the materials?
After recordings have been made and tested, often our own teams will go back to the place where the recordings were done to distribute them and to do whatever else they can to proclaim the good news. Frequently these teams will work in conjunction with churches, other missions and other missionaries.

The recordings and players are also made available with significant subsidies to missionaries and national churches, pastors and evangelists for them to use in their outreach and discipling ministries.
What technology do you use?
Cassettes have been the main media for many years now, and are still the most widely useful media for our main target groups. However, audio CDs and MP3 files can be produced as needed, and some video material is being developed for VCD and DVD technology. Solid state playback devices are also being developed and used.

What is the main objective of the GRN recordings?

The main objective is to explain to people in the language and style that best speaks to their hearts, the basic truths of God and the way of salvation. In other words, the materials are useful for evangelism and basic Bible teaching and discipling.

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