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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Portable Film Equipment (Renew Outreach)

Don Foster is extremely interested in promoting the use of the Jesus Film in every dark place on earth.  "So, please ask questions and refer me and/or this system to everyone” Don’s contact information is or you can friend him on face book.  At the time of this blog he is traveling into Bunia in the DR Congo.  After years of prayer and planning, he and his partner Edwin are prepared to present the gospel in 20 languages.  Here, they will focus on the few of the Mbuti (Pygmies) and work to prepare to translate God's Story into the Efelese language. Please join us in prayer for them.  Below is information he is sharing about the projector equipment best suited for specific travel needs through Renew Outreach.

Don recommends choosing one of these three packages and adding or deleting items as needed.

If you are lands based and already have energy or solar panels and can transport a screen and other items it is recommended the large Jesus Film Equipment Screen.

Don's system is engineered and specially made to be lightweight, portable and carried on a motorcycle.  Here is exactly what he has:

•       Optoma PK301 Projector: This is the key in his system
•       Solar Panel :
•       Carrying bag: You do not need this
•       Solar panel to battery cable:
•       Battery: This is a great battery!
•       Battery:  You only NEED one.  But two is far better.
•       Renew Amp: This is the second most important thing. It does not have a DVD  player like the one pictured.  It is new and not yet shown on the web site.
•       Power Adapter:
•       Projector power cable:
•       Audio cable:
•       Battery to Amp cable:
•       Wired Mic:  This is a very good quality mic.
•       Mic Cable:
•       Solar LED flashlight:  This is a very good light
•       Horn speaker kit (with bag and cable):  This is much louder than the marine speaker pictured on the web site.
•       Horn speaker kit (with bag and cable):  You need two of course.
•       iHome speaker:  You do not need this but it is great to use with the PK301 projector in a room.
•       PK301 battery:  You do not need this extra battery if you get the battery above because this extra little battery only shows on economy mode.  The bigger batteries cause the projector to play in bright mode.

If you will transport in a vehicle, Don recommends:

It is a screen with metal (lightweight aluminum is best) poles.  If you want to go that way you may need to research it further or contact Don.  If you do not get that, Don recommends this:

It is a Super-Portable Projector Screen; Lightweight screen for video presentations

- Compact and easy to set up
- 90" screens available
- Folds down to compact carrying size
- Easy set up and take down
- Highly reflective material
- Two sided-viewing
- Includes setup-hardware and carrying case

We hope this is helpful!

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