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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Field of Dreams....

The Dream.  It starts with an inkling, a tiny spark of hope in the pit of your stomach; the “what ifs”.  What if I had some land to bring the orphans together as a family; what if there was a school, a clinic, gardens and house mothers?  And God- the God of “I Will”, the God of “Never Enough”, the God of All Things”- begins to move in compassion and unravel the impossible.  When Kingdom pleasure meets earthly planning it ignites a fire.

Show Mercy’s Field of Dreams is in its beginning stages, but sit outside the common area (called The Ark) and you will behold a spectacular sight.  The beauty of the fog-filled valley, laden with trees and the cacophony of chattering birds will take your breath away and sheath you in the peaceful arms of Christ.  His majesty truly reigns over this place. There are the rooms for interns and visiting missionaries, the hustle and bustle of activity as the next phase is breathed into being; but you can also hear the future - ringing laughter of toddlers as they run to get caught up into waiting arms; interns being taught to disciple those just introduced to the Father of hope; visitors that cannot get enough of the splendor.

This morning, as our own iridescent colors of morning mist begin to lift, I remember the moments of gazing over the FOD’s basin mesmerized by the creativity, the beauty, and the love of God.  During this past week of coming home, I consistently go back to that place; now aware that God’s promises are released to a hungry and passionate heart.

He wants to show us 'things to come' (John 16:13) to build our faith; to create a cry of desperation inside of us that clamors to "give life to the dead and speak of the nonexistent things that (He has foretold and promised) as if they (already) existed" (Romans 4:17).  It's time to let God out of the box nailed shut by our stipulations, rules and periods.  To release the dream so, like Mike & Lori Salley and the many others stepping out into God's bigness, we too say Yes to God's promises therefore transforming the atmosphere around us.

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